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Yogurt Drinks 0.9%

Drink + yogurt + low fat. Is this even possible? Yes! Ehrmann offers tasty Yogurt Drinks with strawberry, mango, and wild-berry flavour. Made with yoghurt they only contain 0.9% fat. Naturally the Yogurt Drinks are make without preservatives and are therefore completely natural. Cool and fresh from the refrigerator they just taste delicious. Or take them with you when your are out and about:  In the practical bottle (330 g) they are the ideal fruity snack for you when you are on the go!

Robby Petit

Robby petit is the delicious fruit quark (fromage frais) for children with a practical six-pack. With the flavours strawberry, banana and raspberry there is something there for everyone!

Robby Petit is made with fresh milk from Bavaria.

It is ideal for children, since quark (also known as fromage frais), is a fermented dairy product made of milk which naturally contains calcium and is rich in protein.

Robby Easy

Squeeze it! It‘s just so much fun squeezing the delicious Ehrmann strawberry fromage frais out of Robby Easy. And it‘s healthy, too, as it is naturally without conservatives and artifical aroma and with the good milks from the Bavarian Alps. (Not to mention that for the parents it‘s also fun: It‘s practical, does not break thanks to the soft pouch, and fits well into any lunch bag!)

Ehrmann Frischer Quark (Fresh Fromage frais)

When the Bavarian Alps come together with more than 60 years of Ehrmann expertise in natural dairy products and high standards of perfection, an Ehrmann product arises: Ehrmann Quark.

Quark or fromage frais is a fermented dairy product made of milk which contains high levels of protein and contains calcium. The Ehrmann quark is particularly mild in taste and has a creamy flavour. Our quark products are available in a variety of fat contents:

- Plain fromage frais 250g with 20% fat, 40% fat or “Magerstufe”

Try it with fresh fruit or berries or with honey. You will instantly love it!

Our home, the Allgäu (Bavaria), is the oldest dairy farming area in Germany. Here milk has been produced for 180 years.

This breathtakingly beautiful landscape in the Bavarian Alps is not only our homeland, but also the home of the happy cows, and luscious meadows.

You like our Ehrmann quark products? Click here to find some delicious recipes!  

Ehrmann Yoginos “Good for me”
Simply fruity!

Ehrmann Yoginos “Good for me” keeps you not only fit:
- Fresh milk from Germany                               - Calcium & Protein
- Low fat (0.1%)                                                  - No preservatives

But also joyful:

  • Various flavours provide you with energy and the inspiration for a long time.
  • Fruity creamy taste is always there to brighten your days! 

*Available in practical multipacks!

Creamy Fromage Frais 150g

Irresistible mix made out of delicious quark with creamy yoghurt and the best fruits. Available in the four tasty flavours: Strawberry, Cherry, Peach-Passionfruit and Stracciatella.

Monster Backe Crackle pots

Crash boom bang! Experience the incredible crackling experience when you mix the yoghurt with the fruit sauce and the crackle crystals in your mouth. Available in the flavours strawberry and raspberry.