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Ehrmann: From the family, for the family

Ehrmann SE is one of the largest dairy companies in Germany. And still Ehrmann is and remains an independent family-owned company, and stands for real values and tradition.

Company history

In 1920, dairy master Alois Ehrmann Sr. started his first dairy as a one-man operation. Five years later he took on a lease for a second, laying the foundation for expansion that continues today.

Today, Ehrmann has seven sites and is internationally diversified. Here you can find out more about the nearly 100-year tradition of the Ehrmann family dairy.

Almost 100 years of ‘From the family, for the family’ – years that have shaped us.

Ehrmann Today

In addition to the sites in Germany, our company has production facilities in Russia, as well as sales offices in Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland and China. The Ehrmann SE Group also includes the companies J.M. Gabler Saliter (coffee cream, evaporated milk, mixed milk beverages) and the Fleischwerke Zimmermann meat processing plant. Ehrmann brand products are sold in over 50 countries around the world. Ehrmann SE and its more than 1,960 employees generated a turnover of 704 million in 2016.

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Self understanding

Since Ehrmann’s very beginnings one thing has remained unchanged: the diligence and attention with which we cultivate and develop our tasty and healthy products.

Ehrmann is a family dairy: from the family for the family. The consumer is at the centre of all our considerations and activities. Quality awareness not only characterizes the products, but all our thoughts and actions. 

The family dairy will continue to dynamically expand in the market with its usual reliability. Satisfied employees, trading partners and consumers are a given, and are the pillars of successful corporate policy.

Ehrmann in the world

Thanks to sales organizations in the major markets, Ehrmann is in a position to respond to the country-specific needs of its customers and consumers. 

Thus, over half a billion Ehrmann products are now consumed outside Germany every year. Millions of consumers around the world love Ehrmann’s quality products. It‘s not just about the quality, but also about the taste. To put it simply: „With Ehrmann, you taste temptation!“